Field data collection

Toloka helps you digitize the offline world.

Access local data in over 100 countries

Millions of Tolokers collect and verify offline data in your neighborhood or anywhere in the world.

  • Global crowd
    24 time zones. Wide variety of
    languages, ages, and professions.
  • Relevance
    Fresh data, photos, and videos —
    in real time.
  • Speed
    Fast data collection. And when you
    really need it — ultra fast.
  • Preset tasks
    Flexible templates for
    a variety of tasks.
  • Quality control
    Automated methods,
    including geo tagging.
  • Free API
    Seamless integration into any
    workflow via Python and Java libraries.

Flexible interface for any type of task

  • Tolokers pick tasks on the map for faster matches
  • Data (photos, video, audio) is collected on location in real time
  • Customize the task interface for your project as needed

How it works

Design your unique task and select the crowd by language and location. Review results before paying for tasks.

Digitize the offline world

Get up-to-date information from anywhere in the world, in real time.

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