Data labeling
for natural language

Extract information from natural language data and take full control of your training data.
Power your NLP algorithm with datasets of any size.

Annotations we support

With Toloka, you can control data labeling accuracy to build a predictable pipeline of high-quality training data that impacts your NLP algorithms. Our platform supports annotation for named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, text and intent classification, text recognition, and more.

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Access demo and see Toloka in action. Toloka offers flexible project configuration: use our presets for a faster start, or take full control to customize your projects for the most complex labeling needs. Options include adaptive tools and automation to develop a robust data pipeline that evolves with you. Hands on or hands off — it's up to you.
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Real-time insights

Track your projects with real-time statistics on progress, spending, quality, time spent on tasks and active users involved. Leverage detailed analytics to fine-tune as necessary and make timely decisions to optimize speed, quality and budget.

Why Toloka

  • State-of-the-art technologies
    Crowd management tools and quality control options backed by 10 years of industry experience and research
    • Multiple quality control methods
    • Adaptive crowd selection
    • Smart matching mechanisms
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  • Global crowd
    Millions of Tolokers across every time zone for on-demand labeling, instant scaling, and multilingual projects
    • 40+ languages, 100+ countries
    • 200k+ monthly active Tolokers
    • 800+ daily active projects
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  • Robust infrastructure
    Fault-tolerant high-load system for rapid
    knowledge enrichment that prioritizes
    data security and privacy
    • High throughput – 499M+ tasks per month
    • GDPR-compliant, ISO 27001-certified
    • Secure data storage options
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For developers

  • API
    Our open API gives you the freedom
    to integrate directly into any pipelines
  • Python SDK
    Our Python toolkit covers all API
    functionality to give you the full
    power of Toloka
  • Java SDK
    Our Java client library provides a lightweight
    interface to the Toloka API that works
    in any Java enviroment

Have a data labeling project?

Take advantage of Toloka technologies. Chat with our expert to learn how to get reliable training data for machine learning at any scale.

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