Toloka’s Global Crowd

As algorithms take over more and more meaningful decisions, it matters more and more that these algorithms
learn from high-quality, diverse, and representative data. With Toloka you can harvest quality training data
with a truly global perspective.

  • 245,000 monthly active Tolokers
  • 123 countries
  • 40+ languages
  • 440M+ monthly active tasks

Crowd options

  • On-demand Tolokers Access thousands of Tolokers available 24/7 across the globe. Filter by language, location, age and gender to better fit your objectives.
  • In-house workforce Invite your employees or contractors to label your data in Toloka

Meet Toloka’s global crowd

With thousands of Tolokers available across every time zone, data labeling is non-stop 24/7, for a wide range of tasks in a variety of countries and languages.

Top languages
English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Latvian, Bulgarian, Czech, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian

Harvesting best-in-class training data
from a global and responsible perspective

"It helps me learn and earn"

Toloka reports results of a global survey of Tolokers in 2022
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