Toloka Crash Course

This course dives into the background theory behind crowdsourcing and walks
you through practical steps for collecting labeled data in Toloka.

Who should take this course

This course is for anyone who wants to run crowdsourcing projects in Toloka and get optimal results. If you are ready to start collecting labeled data, this course will prepare you to set up and manage the entire process on your own. Think of it as a Toloka bootcamp. You'll get:

  • A fast-moving step-by-step
    introduction to Toloka
  • Essential know-how shared by Toloka experts
    with years of practical experience
  • Practice projects for risk-free
    experiments and hands-on learning
  • Experience with a live final project
    and feedback from a mentor

Course overview with timing

Choose from 3 levels based on your knowledge and experience.
Start with the basics, or go directly to the intermediate or advanced level to hone your skills.

What happens after you complete the course

After you finish the course, you get a certificate of completion. You also get access to a more advanced course.
Everyone who completes the course is eligible to take our certification exam and become a certified crowdsourcing expert.

Your team during the course

Alena Johnson
Coordinator, Toloka Education teamReach out to Alena with questions
about the course and get support
along the way.

Ready to join?

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