About Toloka

A global tech company developing a unified environment for data-related processes in AI and ML

Introduction to Toloka

Founded in 2014 after years of research and experimentation, Toloka is a global tech company that develops a platform and environment to support data-related processes across the entire ML lifecycle.

The Toloka environment allows data scientists and ML teams to get ML solutions to production faster by:
  • Testing hypotheses
  • Boosting the success rate of prototypes
  • Building optimal data production pipelines that can be integrated into the ML production cycle

Our mission

We unite individual efforts of millions of people around the world to deliver credible, scalable, and economically effective data production solutions and advance the global AI community by empowering professional growth and putting humanity at the center of technology.

Our vision

To become the industry standard for AI data production by creating an open global environment that connects organizations, professionals, and our crowd of Tolokers around the world.


What sets Toloka apart

  • State-of-the-art technologies
    Advanced tools and unique approaches
    backed by 10+ years of industry
    experience and researchLearn more
  • Global crowd
    Millions of Tolokers across every time zone
    for on-demand labeling, instant scaling,
    and multilingual projectsLearn more
  • Robust secure infrastructure
    Fault-tolerant high-load system for rapid
    knowledge enrichment that prioritizes
    data security and privacyLearn more

Impact on the AI industry

We are committed to shaping a framework of excellence with
the AI community and helping companies unlock AI opportunities

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